Online Open Studio Day 3

Our house is surrounded by fields and forest. It’s mainly planted pinewood, but there are also some old oak trees and a beautiful bright little birch forest nearby. It hasn’t rained for weeks and the paths are as sandy as they usually are in late summer. I love the silence and the sounds of the woods. How can anyone use headphones when going for a run out here?

I want the figures of my drawings and woodcuts to connect with nature and to become one with trees and plants.
I tried to use pinewood for my woodworks but it is too hard to cut. That’s why I’m working with poplar plywood. I know my works look like paintings on these tiny pictures, but actually the lines are all carved with a cutter-knife. Once the lines are all cut, I roll paint onto the wood, so that the carved line drawing becomes visible. As much as I like nature, I like the buzz of big cities and having people around. I only enjoy living out here because I can escape from time to time. (That’s why I really love the sound of the train that goes to Berlin every hour!)

Eichhörnchen, 2016 (Detail). Bleistift und Aquarell, 40 x 30 cm.

Baum, 2016 (Detail). Bleistift und Aquarell, 40 x 30 cm.

Kiefernwäldchen, 2015. Acryl auf Sperrholzschnitt, 120 x 100 cm.

Baumpilz, 2016 (Detail). Bleistift und Aquarell, 40 x 30 cm.

Poncho, 2015. Acryl auf Sperrholzschnitt, 70 x 72 cm.

Wolf II, 2012 (Detail). Acryl auf Sperrholzschnitt, 124 x 93 cm.

Lagerfeuer, 2016 (Detail). Acryl auf Sperrholzschnitt, 73 x 70 cm.