Welcome to the Online Open Studio 2020

I’m Silke, a 47 year old artist living in the countryside north of Berlin. Some people might call this place the end of the world but it’s a beautiful spot, there’s a large forest behind our house and a lovely lake nearby. I live here with my husband and our daughters, two cats and 3 chickens (Martha, Kiki and Rita). In spring, the nearby fields are full of cranes.

As well as making large-size woodcuts and line drawings I do commissioned illustrations for various clients such as book publishers, magazines and companies.
In 2016 I began doing daily drawings that were related to a certain theme. I felt I needed a bit more regular practice, just like musicians practise their instrument every day. 

I post the pictures on instagram because I love connecting with artists from all over the world through their artwork. I have now built up a very inspiring, supportive and regular exchange with some of them, which I enjoy a lot. A couple of years ago, we started meeting up for „creative weekends“ and I am planning to give workshops in the coming years. 

I also run regular pottery nights with my local friends that are not really about pottery but more about mutual support and inspiration. Well, at least I managed to make one mug that I actually use!

Next weekend I would have invited you all round for our annual open studio.
I’m very sad this won’t take place due to covid19. That’s why I decided to run an „online open studio“ week and show you what I’m doing out here! You are all very welcome to ask whatever you want to know.
Das bin ich!  // Hello, that's me!

Blick aus meinem Atelier // View from my studio

Offenes Atelier 2018 // Open Studio 2018


Seerosen, 2015. Acryl auf Sperrholzschnitt, 80 x 83 cm.
Vollmond, 2019 (Detail). Acryl auf Sperrholzschnitt, 170 x 127 cm.

Tuschezeichnungen / Inkdrawings. Covergestaltung: Barbara Thoben

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