Online Open Studio Day 5

A couple of years ago, a friend of mine painted some paper lamps during one of our pottery nights. I loved the colours of the ink and the little antique looking ink flasks. She left them in my studio for me to try out later and I couldn’t stop. 
Ink dries fairly quickly. You can mix colours by painting several thin layers on top of each other. I always start with an (almost invisible) pencil sketch and then work from light to dark parts of the motive. I mix my own photographs with pictures from the internet and use them as templates. Sometimes I modify them by exchanging people’s heads or closing their eyes. 
Some of the paintings were chosen for the covers of books (graphic design by Barbara Thoben) and I really like how they came out.
A lot of the girls are sold, some are still for sale. If you like to have your own girl on A4 please contact me.
There are also two sets of postcards for sale with people’s favourite motives. Each set contains 5 cards. You can see them HERE.