Online Open Studio Day 6

My studio is right at the end of a long quiet street leading from the station to the forest. Last year, we set up a "planet trail“ for those who took the train from Berlin and walked out here. Starting with planet Neptune at the station you would find all of our solar system’s planets on the way and finally reach the sun in front of our house. (An exercise ball painted golden) All the planet sizes and distances were calculated by a proper physicist, so this was even a scientifically correct art installation :-) I had been so much looking forward to putting up the planets again – earth wasn’t bigger than a needle head. 
We always serve waffles and homemade elderberry lemonade at open studio, because everyone loves it. My daughters usually run the bar (to finance their spotify-subscription), which makes me extra sad, because one of them is graduating this year and might not be around anymore next spring. In our workshop-room I usually provide lots of scrap paper to make collages and visitors tend to sit around the table happily glueing and chatting. Totally unthinkable these days and something I truly miss!