Himbeerchen für das HIMBEER-Magazin

(Jun/Jul und Aug/Sep 2020)


Online Open Studio Day 8

Dear all, thank you so much for coming to the Online Open Studio. The pictures that I shared last week were a rather spontaneous selection and I feel very flattered by all your kind comments and messages. Two washing baskets full of postcards are travelling around the world now and will hopefully arrive at your homes without damage. (I only used recycled envelopes that I have been collecting for a while, so please excuse their appearance.)
I will start sorting my drawings this afternoon and post them in the Instagram „stories“ section. Maybe there’s one you’d like to have on your wall or give to a friend. I’m happy to sell, pack and ship them worldwide. I’m hoping to see some of you at the „real“ Open Studio that will probably take place in autumn. I’ll also let you know about workshops and our holiday flat and the trailer as soon as everything is back to normal again. (Or hopefully: better than before) Thank you !!! See you soon!


Online Open Studio Day 7

I am used to working on my own and I generally don’t mind, as long as there are things I am looking forward to: working with other people and exchanging ideas, travelling, learning new things or seeing exhibitions. I find it hard to be lacking all these highlights at the moment. 
A lot of people have asked me whether I am giving workshops out here and I am planning to do so in the future. It would be lovely to use this place to share skills and inspiration. What do you think? I’m looking forward to your wishes and ideas!
On the pictures you see impressions from my first pottery attempts (I’m still trying to potter the solar system dishes) and our “creative weekends”. The last picture is a bag of lakewater (still chilly) for you all to carry home :-)


Online Open Studio Day 6

My studio is right at the end of a long quiet street leading from the station to the forest. Last year, we set up a "planet trail“ for those who took the train from Berlin and walked out here. Starting with planet Neptune at the station you would find all of our solar system’s planets on the way and finally reach the sun in front of our house. (An exercise ball painted golden) All the planet sizes and distances were calculated by a proper physicist, so this was even a scientifically correct art installation :-) I had been so much looking forward to putting up the planets again – earth wasn’t bigger than a needle head. 
We always serve waffles and homemade elderberry lemonade at open studio, because everyone loves it. My daughters usually run the bar (to finance their spotify-subscription), which makes me extra sad, because one of them is graduating this year and might not be around anymore next spring. In our workshop-room I usually provide lots of scrap paper to make collages and visitors tend to sit around the table happily glueing and chatting. Totally unthinkable these days and something I truly miss!


Online Open Studio Day 5

A couple of years ago, a friend of mine painted some paper lamps during one of our pottery nights. I loved the colours of the ink and the little antique looking ink flasks. She left them in my studio for me to try out later and I couldn’t stop. 
Ink dries fairly quickly. You can mix colours by painting several thin layers on top of each other. I always start with an (almost invisible) pencil sketch and then work from light to dark parts of the motive. I mix my own photographs with pictures from the internet and use them as templates. Sometimes I modify them by exchanging people’s heads or closing their eyes. 
Some of the paintings were chosen for the covers of books (graphic design by Barbara Thoben) and I really like how they came out.
A lot of the girls are sold, some are still for sale. If you like to have your own girl on A4 please contact me.
There are also two sets of postcards for sale with people’s favourite motives. Each set contains 5 cards. You can see them HERE.


Online Open Studio Day 4

I never liked swimming because all I knew were noisy square pools smelling of chlorine. In winter 10 years ago, we drove out here to see our house. The estate agent had not told us that there was a lake nearby. We went for a short walk through the snow and there it was: A lovely frozen lake with a solitary ice-skater on it. 
Over the years, I grew accustomed to lakeswimming. I loved reading Jessica J. Lee’s „Turning“ which taught me that swimming in cold water doesn’t kill you. However, I still prefer morning swims in spring and summer. It’s the best way to start the day.

Floating on the lake, 2016. Acryl auf Sperrholzschnitt, 80 x 100 cm.

Nasse Haare, 2016. Acryl auf Sperrholzschnitt, 58 x 52 cm.


Online Open Studio Day 3

Our house is surrounded by fields and forest. It’s mainly planted pinewood, but there are also some old oak trees and a beautiful bright little birch forest nearby. It hasn’t rained for weeks and the paths are as sandy as they usually are in late summer. I love the silence and the sounds of the woods. How can anyone use headphones when going for a run out here?

I want the figures of my drawings and woodcuts to connect with nature and to become one with trees and plants.
I tried to use pinewood for my woodworks but it is too hard to cut. That’s why I’m working with poplar plywood. I know my works look like paintings on these tiny pictures, but actually the lines are all carved with a cutter-knife. Once the lines are all cut, I roll paint onto the wood, so that the carved line drawing becomes visible. As much as I like nature, I like the buzz of big cities and having people around. I only enjoy living out here because I can escape from time to time. (That’s why I really love the sound of the train that goes to Berlin every hour!)

Eichhörnchen, 2016 (Detail). Bleistift und Aquarell, 40 x 30 cm.

Baum, 2016 (Detail). Bleistift und Aquarell, 40 x 30 cm.

Kiefernwäldchen, 2015. Acryl auf Sperrholzschnitt, 120 x 100 cm.

Baumpilz, 2016 (Detail). Bleistift und Aquarell, 40 x 30 cm.

Poncho, 2015. Acryl auf Sperrholzschnitt, 70 x 72 cm.

Wolf II, 2012 (Detail). Acryl auf Sperrholzschnitt, 124 x 93 cm.

Lagerfeuer, 2016 (Detail). Acryl auf Sperrholzschnitt, 73 x 70 cm.